Dubai’s Ultra Prime Properties | Great Value For Money

Ronnie Comfort    |    13 Mar, 2018

When compared to key global hubs, Dubai has the lowest priced Ultra Prime Properties. Cities such as Tokyo and Shanghai have prices which are 60% to 70% higher than Dubai's equivalent Ultra Prime Properties which dispells the image that the Emirate is an expensive investment city. In addition global and regional investors will get 4 to 5.5 times the space for Ultra Prime Properties in Dubai when comparing the options available in London and New York

What $1 Million Buys Globally - Ultra Prime

  • 8 sqm Hong Kong 
  • 9 sqm Monaco 
  • 15 sqm New York 
  • 20 sqm London
  • 22 sqm Tokyo
  • 27 sqm Paris
  • 35 sqm Shangai 
  • 66 sqm Singapore 
  • 83 sqm DUBAI 


Source: Data from a report published March 2018 by Core Savills